Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Count Down To Christmas

I made this for my sister-n-law and my nieces. My Brother and Sister-n-law are hosting our Thanksgiving dinner for our family. I like to take the hostess something, I think you should always take the hostess a gift. Anyway, I have seen several of these, so I decided to try one. I used a cookie sheet, all Stampin' Up! card stock, but I used the cricut to cut it all out. I put magnet on the back of all the ornaments, and the yellow frame around the first one, moves to each number till it gets to 25, and the frame on the 25 says Happy Birthday Jesus. This is so easy, I want to make some more ornaments with gifts on them, and make this a count down to birthday too. I think I will attach an envelope to the back to hold the birthday pieces, I just have to put magnet on the back of everything. I think my nieces will like moving the frame, day to day till their birthday.

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PaperFairyKris said...

Jamie! This is adorable. And, I think it's such a nice idea to bring the hostess a gift. I'm going to start doing that too. Very cute!